Noosa Style Bracelet


This genuine leather bracelet will hold 3 chunk charm snap-in buttons. Holds regular/standard size snaps with a 5-6mm knob on snap–any over or under that size are not guaranteed to fit. This Noosa Style bracelet has sturdy construction–the hardware is affixed to leather with rivets.

It is designed to snap your buttons in and out of the bracelet as often as you like. Snap the charms into the settings on the bracelet, and you have a new bracelet. All you need is this bracelet and 3 snap chunk charms of your choice. When you want to change your look, just unsnap the charm and snap in a different one!

You will receive 1 – Genuine Leather Noosa Style Snap Chunk Charm Bracelet Size: 24cm.

Fits 3 snap chunk charms (sold separately).

*Snap Chunk Charms are universal and will fit all Noosa Style jewelry and accessories in our shop*

** This Noosa Style Bracelet is made to fit Noosa-style snap chunk charms.**

***This listing is for 1 Bracelet only. Charms must be purchased separately.***

Personalized Noosa-style snap charms are located HERE.


Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 24 × 2.6 × 1 mm


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